30th Anniversary of the Macedonian Police Union (MPS)

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In the period from 27-29 May 2022, in Skopje, N. Macedonia CESP attended the 30th Anniversary of the Macedonian Police Union (MPS). In the framework of the 30th Anniversary of MPS, CESP members from Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Romania, BiH, the Netherlands, Montenegro and Albania, together with the CESP President, Ricardo Valadas participated on the Panel Debate “Criminal and Misdemeanor protection of the employees in the Ministry of Interior, the Agency for National Security, the Intelligence Service Agency and the Financial Police” in Skopje. 

Adapting the rule of law to new criminal realities and international threats should not, in our view, translate into a weakening of the police organizations, whose mission is precisely to combat the most serious forms of crime, cybercrime and terrorism. Police work is somehow the barometer for balanced societies and what distinguishes evolution from the basilar thought of intolerance, fear and fragility. Those compromises were discussed in, and by our President.

The Conference was attended by high level authorities, represented by Mr. Oliver Spasovski, Minister of Interior of N.Macedonia, Mr. Viktor Dimovski, Director of the Agency for National Security, Mr. Arafat Muaremi, Financial Police Director, Mr. Nikola Tupancevski, Minister of Justice, Mr. Nikola Dujovski, Dean of the Faculty of Security, public prosecutors, judges, experts, representatives from the academia and NGO sector.

In his third intervention for those days, in the speech on the Official Ceremony, CESP President, Ricardo Valadas, congratulated the 30th Anniversary of the Macedonian colleagues, emphasizing that CESP, together with its members, is always on the side of the solution toward a future police concept that above all protects and serves the citizens.

***The Macedonian Police Union has been a member of the European Council of Police Unions since 1998.

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