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Mr. Hans Wengenmeir has been a representative of the BDK for a year on the board of the European umbrella organization of police trade unions CESP. He reported that the new CESP President Ricardo Valadas from ASFIC/PC Portugal and the new Secretary General of the Spanish SPP, Jesus Lira Calvo, have developed significantly more activities this year than CESP did in previous years. The head of the CESP, for example, had sought intensive contact with MEP Monika Hohlmeier and held a two-hour discussion with her about security policy initiatives in the next legislature of the European Parliament. She wants to help the CESP in its activities to open doors, as regular talks in Brussels are planned two to three times a year. The CESP is there to address European issues in police and judicial cooperation and the development of law in Europe, and to present solutions. It represents the interests of various police unions at European level, so that discussions with the current MEPs on home affairs and justice are needed as well as discussions regarding the potential EU Member States Albania and Macedonia. The CESP has meanwhile changed the homepage and wants to allow free access for all members to all documents created so far in the framework of the CESP work. CESP is not a second IPA, but designed to improve policing, working conditions of police and criminal investigators, and the fight against crime in Europe. The influence of the European Parliament and the European Commission on the fight against crime, criminal law and criminal procedure law is growing. It is therefore important to pick up the pulse of the decision-makers on a European level at an early stage and to influence the interests of the colleagues represented by the BDK. CESP is planning a cybercrime symposium in Vienna in November and will hold another workshop discussion on 13 November. The BDK is optimistic that things are clearly picking up with CESP’s association policy activity. The BDK Federal Executive still took the decision to withdraw from the Cyber Security Council Germany e.V., because there was a considerable legitimate criticism in the media in the administration of the current chairman. Sebastian Fiedler said goodbye to the Federal Executive Board with the assessment that it was a very versatile, collegial, pleasant and content-rich meeting, which showed on which good way the BDK is. The voice of the criminologists is heard. It is therefore worthwhile to be part of this strong community.