CESP – A Reality

Whereas Europe is constructing every day, the European Police Officers are confronted with a situation which they do not control or little and which however has unquestionable consequences on their daily work.

The European Council of Police Trade Unions intends to fully take part in the realisation of this new judicial and police European space.

Its objective is to group professionals of the security whose ground experience put them into a position of proposing adequate and sometimes alternative solutions to institutional responses.

It makes a point of raising this daring but essential challenge, the creation of an unified, interdependent and effective Europe of the Policeofficers.

To reach that point and with the aim of improving the mission of public service given to the police officers, the CESP takes up the challenge to re-valorise the police function thanks to the responsible trade-union organisations which make it up.

It is by this action that the CESP has a direct action in the life of the police officer. For this purpose it carries out comparative studies on the European police forces organisation.

The synthesis of the trade-union experiments of its members tends to improve the life and working conditions of each police officer to enable him as well as possible to ensure the security of its fellow citizens. It takes an active part in the works of the Council of Europe (www.coe.fr) by its membership to the NGO Joint Commission.

It collaborates in the various groupings of the NGO and more particularly in the fields of the « Social rights, European Social Charter », of the « Civil Society in New Europe » and of the « Human Rights ».

For this reason it contributes to the programme of « Police and Human rights » (www.humanrights.coe.int/police) of the Direction of the Human Rights.

Since 2003, it is registered on the list of the Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV) of the International Labour Office (www.ilo.org/public/english/dialogue/actrav/index.htm) at Geneva and is invested near the Commission (www.europa.eu.int/com) and the European Parliament (www.europarl.eu.int/).

This work allowed and will still make it possible to obtain progress as regards social and judicial protections for the police officer in countries where they do not exist or little and to get improvements where they are already a reality.

In addition, the CESP studies concerning the comparisons of treatments, premiums, welfare benefits will have a beneficial influence on the career and the economic situation of many police officers in the context of the European construction.

The opening of the borders and its effects on the work of the Police force were not really measured by those who built « The Europe of Trade ».

The CESP claims for and works to the realisation of a police judicial organisation close to the citizen and able to fight effectively against all the forms of delinquency and in particular against the organised crime which undermines the Democracy.

This ambitious programme supposes a perfect knowledge of the various European police forces and of their specificity. Does it exist a better space for dialogue, exchanges and work that the one that the European Council of Police Trade Unions has been able to built since 1988.

The European Council of Police Unions C.E.S.P.

An International Non-Governmental Organisation with the participatory status near the Council of Europe. Professionals have clearly expressed their opinion on :