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As a result of the efforts made by CESP to convey our concerns about the situation created for society and the police in particular due to the COVID19 crisis, we have received objective responses to our demands to the European institutions.

In this way, we were informed that in the proposal adopted by the Commission on 2 April, to activate the emergency aid in accordance with the Council Regulation (EU) 2016/369 of 15 March 2016 and to amend its provisions regarding the COVID 19 outbreak, the COM propose support measures, which will also benefit the police forces.

  1. With the successful recent vote, Parliament gave its approval and the measures can be financed from the EU budget. The measures have a volume of 3 billion euros that include the stockpiling and coordination of the distribution of essential medical resources across Europe, import of protective equipment and increase and reallocate the production capacities of EU companies.

  1. Also, additional funds are mobilized within the UCPM (Union Civil Protection Mechanism) / rescEU (European Civil Protection Program) to build medical capacity.

  1. Member States could also use the Police Instrument under the Internal Security Fund (ISF) to help police forces directly.

They hope these measures, also funded from the EU budget, show that the Commission, in cooperation with Parliament, has launched effective initiatives to help those who need protective equipment, such as Police officers.

We are also waiting for a response from the Council of Europe on this matter.