CoE Police Network Conference, Strasbourg, France

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On 24 and 25 of May 2023 in Strasbourg, in the headquarters of the Council of Europe, the Police Network Conference titled: “Police activities in a context of violence and use of force” was held. 

The high level authorities Police Conference gathered police officials of the 44 member countries of the Council of Europe, representatives from the European institutions, NGOs and academia.

The European Council of Police Unions (CESP), represented by CESP President, Ricardo Valadas, General Secretary, Jesus Lira Calvo and Deputy General Secretary, Massimo Denarier, attended the Conference as an observer in this Police Network of the CoE.

CESP President Valadas, was invited to speak about the “Violence from the law enforcement agents’ angle” who, through his disruptive speech, presented the aspect of violence against police officers in Europe, defending and explaining the increased violence against all the police officers in Europe, presenting striking numbers and revealing facts that demonstrate the daily suffering of the police officers, without forgetting to strongly condemning the violation of human rights  committed by persons who do not deserve to hold the police badge. President Valadas also exposed the populist speeches that validate and stimulate the violence against police officers. 

The attacks against police officers are attacks against the state, democracy and rule of law.

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