Concern for our colleagues

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Dear colleagues,

Dear police officers,

Dear police union members,

Having closely monitoring the latest development of the COVID-19, worldwide, especially in Europe, CESP expresses its concern for our colleagues, police officers and police union members from the most affected countries.

Being constantly at the front lines, keeping the public order, the police officers are directly endangering their health and safety. Thus, CESP is calling all relevant authorities to pay special attention and provide all necessary personal protective equipment to every police officer in the performance of their everyday duties.

In times of pandemic, when the spread and the severity of the virus is alarming, we call countries to learn from one’s successes, to implement adequate measures and to help protect one another from this common threat.

Although it is a pandemic, it can be controlled and everyone should be taken accountable for their actions.

We sincerely believe in the strength of the systems for overcoming this threat and express our solidarity to everyone.

Sincerely yours,

Ricardo Valadas