1st European CESPolice Summit, 27-28 October 2022, Madrid, Spain

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On 27 and 28 October 2022, the “1st European CESPolice Summit” was held in Madrid, organized with the help of the colleagues from SPP, Spain, member of CESP.

The 1st European CESPolice Summit was structured in 4 panels, divided in two days, attended by high level speakers who have presentations covering topics such as: New criminality phenomena, Transparency as prevention of crimes, International institutions and new policing trends and challenges and New victimology trends.

The Summit was opened by the President of CESP, Mr. Ricardo Valadas, the President of SPP, Mr. Adolfo Medina and the General Director of the Spanish Police, Mr. Francisco Pardo Piqueras.

Also, high level police authorities from Spain, such as the Head of the International Cooperation Division of Policia Nacional, member of the Executive Committee of Interpol, Ms. Alicia Malo, several Superior Chiefs of the communities of Madrid and La Rioja from the Spanish police, as well as other Spanish civil and police authorities were present at the Summit.

Regarding the international coverage and representation, the Summit was attended by high level representatives from several European and International Institutions: The European Parliament, represented by Ms. Maite Pagazaurtundua, Vice Chair of the LIBE Committee; Mr. Paulo Rangel, member of the EP; the European Anti-Fraud Office -OLAF-, represented by Mr. Eduardo Cano Romera, Head of Unit; the Council of Europe, represented by Mr. Yves Rolland, responsible for police matters within the CoE, the International Center for Missing & Exploited Children -ICMEC-, from the USA, represented by the Vice Chair, Mr. Guillermo Galarza; the Faculty of Security of North Macedonia, represented by the Dean, PhD Nikola Dujovski, as well as representatives from different private companies and partners: Javier Pastor -Bit2Me-, Jaime Obregón and Silvia Leal.

The Summit also gathered remarkable speakers who have been talking and presenting interesting information in the area of cryptocurrencies, metaverse, police and the media, blockchain, fiscal crime, doping etc. who have been an added value to the Summit. 

The second day of the Summit was devoted to all the victims, including the police officers on duty. The Summit was also attended by the Commissioner of the Government of the Community of Madrid for the Attention of Victims of Terrorism, Mrs. Rocío López. Very emotional moments were experienced this day, mainly with the father of Ignacio Echeverría, the so-called “skateboard hero”, who confronted the terrorists in the London attack on June 3, 2017 where he was cruelly murdered.

The Summit was also attended by the Vice President of the “Dignity and Justice” Association, Víctor Valentín Cotobal, one of the promoters in the fight to dignify those victims of ETA terrorism who have been humiliated, and of the Orphans Foundation of the CNP whose work is irreplaceable within the Spanish National Police Corps.

The closing of the panel was attended by the Portuguese MEP, Paulo Rangel, Vice President of the European People’s Party and member of the LIBE Commission of the European Parliament and the Delegate of the Government of the Community of Madrid, Doña María de las Mercedes González Fernández.

At the end it has been once again confirmed that CESP is the international instrument for the trade union actions of CESP members and it reaffirms its position as a key organization in submitting proposals and initiatives to the relevant European and international organizations.

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