MPS event

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In the period from 9 to 11 September 2022 in Ohrid, N. Macedonia, the President of CESP, Ricardo Valadas and the General Secretary, Jesus Lira Calvo attended the 20th Sports Games of the Macedonian Police Union, member of CESP.

The event was attended by high level representatives from the Ministry of Interior of N. Macedonia (MoI) together with the Minister of MoI, Mr. Oliver Spasovski, as well as guests and participants from other countries from the region and Europe.

The continuous presence of CESP brings results in promotion of police rights and wages in the country. The partnership of example for the European countries and CESP members is the social dialogue between the Union and the Ministry of Interior. As CESP, we have been witnessing the third increase of police wages in a period of three years. The increase of wages, among other police matters, remains high priority on the Agenda of MPS and the exercise of a constructive social dialogue with the Ministry of Interior of N.Macedonia.

In the framework of the event the leadership of CESP had been honored by the presence of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, his Excellency Stevo Pendarovski with whom CESP President Valadas, together with the General Secretary Lira Calvo and the President of MPS, Marjan Kicev had discussions.

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