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In the period from 3-6 May 2022 in the island of Crete, Greece the 11th Congress of the European Council of Police Unions (CESP) was held. 

At the Congress, delegates from 14 countries, members of CESP participated in the working sessions of the Congress. The Congress was organized with the help of the Greek colleagues from the Union of POAXIA. 

The official ceremony of the Congress was attended by the Archbishop, high level representatives from the Greek authorities, esteemed guests and police officers from the Greek police. 

During the working sessions of the Congress, the delegates from the member countries discussed different police related issues, raised several crucial points of interest for the overall functioning of the police in Europe in general, with specific focus on national issues and their resolution with European tools. Also, the delegates raised several police initiatives in the direction of improvement of police rights which shall be presented in front of the relevant European authorities such as the European Parliament, European Commission, the Council of Europe, the United Nations and other EU institutions in the forthcoming period. 

Also, on the Congress the new Board was elected composed of: Ricardo Valadas, President, Jesus Lira Calvo, General Secretary, Mladen Suskavcevic, Treasurer, and Deputy General Secretaries: Dirk Peglow, BDK, Germany, Petros Athanasatos, POAXIA, Greece, Kyriakos Charalambous, CPA, Cyprus, Marjan Kicev, MPS, N. Macedonia and Massimo Denarier, SAP, Italy.

Once again the Congress confirmed the role and function of CESP as a representative police organization since 1988, committed to Human Rights, applying a democratic and modern police work concept and member of the International Non-Governmental Organizations of the Council of Europe (INGO) with a seat in the Human Rights Commission.

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