Bilateral meeting between CESP President Ricardo Valadas and the Minister of Interior of N.Macedonia Oliver Spasovski in Brussels

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Prior to the Pre-release of the Strategic Document: “Nurturing the seeds of change: How a new police approach can shape the future of Europe”, on April 11, in the CESP Office in Brussels, CESP President Ricardo Valadas had a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Oliver Spasovski, accompanied by a governmental delegation and a delegation of the Mission in Brussels. 

During the bilateral meeting, the Minister of Interior, Spasovski, thanked for the opportunity for the meeting and emphasized the importance of CESP in shaping the future of police work. Also, Minister Spasovski, acknowledged the efforts of CESP in the creation of the Strategic document that reflects the mission and vision of this organization in the direction of establishment of a new police service as a guarantor of European values and citizens’ wellbeing. At the end, the Minister also stressed the commitment of the Ministry of Interior to comply with the suggested proposals and activities in the Document, that are measurable, adequate and applicable to the everyday police operations in the country.

The Ministry of Interior of North Macedonia is ready to further deepen the cooperation with CESP in realization of the democratic principles of police work and shall continue to be a relevant and credible partner to CESP.